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Whether you are building your first home, your forever home or would like to update your current house. Celico Builders can help make your dreams a reality. As a custom builder we will take the time to work with you to ensure your home is made to your specifications. We treat each home we build as if it were our own. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and uncompromising standards.We guarantee excellent service at affordable rates.Our goal is to exceed every one of your expectations through our values of honesty, reliability and professionalism.


Have you ever walked through a home and thought, "This feels right." You may not be able to put your finger on exactly why it feels that way, but there's definitely a sense of comfort, security, and of being "home" that's no less real than finding a house in the right location and at the right price.

What you're experiencing is likely good architectural design, and it's no accident. Good design is a combination of proper scale, proportion, mass, and authenticity that transcends time and trends. Good design also reflects current lifestyle needs and taste both inside and out. But what is "authenticity?"

We seem to place value on so-called "traditional" homes and we romanticize about living in something historic or "authentic." The truth is, however, that older homes were designed and built for another day, not ours. A well-designed house today accommodates the manner in which we live today. A house that clings to past practices can actually reduce comfort and convenience.
Consider, for example, the modern kitchen: It's a blend of kitchen, eating nook, and family room in one big area. A variety of influences have driven that design concept into almost every size and price of home. Arising from a desire to expand the home's natural gathering place, modern kitchens have become a center for casual entertaining as well as a focal point for family activities such as dining, homework and craft projects. These big rooms also provide more natural light and greater access to the outdoors -- subtle, yet critical, changes that create a strong sense of comfort and value.

Attention to detail is another cornerstone of timeless design. Assuming that the details are appropriate to the overall style of the house, it makes sense to use materials that incorporate durability and longevity to execute those details. For example, modern engineered hardwood floors, composite siding and composite roofing materials can help you achieve a rich level of detail and increase the value of the building.
Simply put, then, what is authentic is what's current to the times, with a foundation of human scale and proportion and a respect for appropriate detailing. That's just good design.

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